We "J.P. Enterprise" are running since 1980 and got registered in 2004, and  have been for serving top quality Diamond Tools worldwide. Thriving on our technical expertise and quality-centric approach, we are a leading manufacturer and exporter of superior quality, high precision diamond tools including Posalux Diamond Tools, Diamond Flywheels (US Type), Diamond Tip Inserts, Contact Lens Cutting Tools, Electro Optics Diamond Tools, Precision Plastic machining, Automotive Tools, Carbide Tools, Diamond Ice Lathe Tools, CNC Diamond Tools, Hammering Pins, Mini Chain Cutting tools.

Our products have gained worldwide recognition and usage owing to their high precision, superior quality, consistent performance and durability. Using a combination of the latest technology and age-old craftsmanship, we are carving new standards that satisfy the tooling needs of even the most demanding industries. With our extensive technical know-how and continuous focus on processing efficiency, we are quickly becoming a benchmark in the field.

Under the guidance of Mr. Vishal Soni (Managing Director) using our expertise we are creating synergy with working partners from diverse markets across the globe who are seeking to achieve the ultimate surface finish and dimensional tolerances that can only be achieved through diamond machining. From standard diamond  tools to custom controlled waviness edges, we provide high quality tools and a highly efficient re-lapping service to a wide variety of industries. Driven by our thirst for innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence, we stand ready to help you overcome any tooling challenges that come with forward progress. We export our products to East Asia, Middle East, South East Asia, North America & Indian Subcontinent.

Relapping Services
Even a cutting edge made of the hardest material will eventually wear and require re-sharpening to ensure optimal performance. The amount of edge wear that is accumulated on the tool tip will depend on many variables such as crystal orientation, material processed, edge geometry and depth of cut parameter to name a few.   The re-sharpening process or “relapping” as it’s more commonly known as, involves grinding away a layer of the diamond to expose a new sharp chip free edge. Process efficiency can be defined by achieving a balance between removing all wear and subsurface damage while removing as little material as possible, extending overall tool life and post relap performance as result. Though relapping can be performed to remove almost any type of wear, as illustrated bellow, in some cases with severe wear, re-radiusing the tool edge may be the better option in regards to maximizing tool life.   At J.P Enterprise we thrive towards providing you the best value for your tooling investment. We understand that machine down time due to tool servicing is not an option and that an efficient relapping service will minimize your tooling inventory requirement, translating directly to lower production cost. Our relap processing protocol is focused on providing a thorough, efficient service within the most competitive turnaround time possible. Upon arrival, each tool’s wear is individually inspected to determine the best course of action. Wear removal and edge polishing is achieved using state of the art custom machinery and edge inspection is performed using Nomarski optics under 500 to 1000x magnification depending on application. We service our own as well as competitor’s tools with natural or synthetic crystals.
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